Monday, November 30, 2015

Paranoia Epidemic: This Concerns You

Extremely Rare Surveillance Vehicle

Brain scientists estimate that 25 percent of the US population suffer from paranoia. This psychological condition has become widespread due to various causal factors that include mind altering drugs, tracking cookies on computers and even films like The Truman Show.

Experts say that the feelings of persecution that many people experience are totally unfounded. For example, when we surf the web, very often we seem to be followed by advertisements featuring subjects that we have recently researched. This does not mean that companies are out to get us. They only want our money.

A common paranoid fear is that of being followed by a secret government agency. When some individuals see a parked van outside their house, they immediately assume that there are operatives inside the vehicle observing their every move on banks of computers. This is ridiculous because a government expert told me that equipment is currently so small that agents can observe you from an ordinary unmarked car, and you would never know it.

Another way in which paranoia manifests itself in some individuals, is through a false belief that what they see and hear on various media is directed to them personally. Therefore, if you ever get this type of feeling, yes, you with that cup of coffee in your hand, then please do not hesitate to seek psychological help.

There is one final fact that may be of comfort to those who are worried. It is that because 25 percent suffer from paranoia, it is impossible that everyone is out to get you. The real figure can only be 75 percent of the population, tops.

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