Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sylvester Plagiarized Daffy Duck: Deathbed Confession

Sylvester in Happier Times

The reported last words of the well loved actor Sylvester the cat, who died yesterday, have stunned many of his fans. He finally admitted that his voice was modeled on the famous bird star Daffy Duck. He also confessed that many of his routines were lifted from episodes of Tom and Jerry.

Sylvester Felinus, born Archibald Screech in 1925 at Coventry hospital, England, arrived in America in 1944. he thought that by changing his name to Sylvester, he would gain the gravitas needed for a serious acting career. When he revealed his new name to talent scouts, they fell about laughing.

"When he spoke in that cut-glass English accent, well, me and the guys just couldn't hold it together," said one of Hollywood's famous producers, C. Couch. Not wanting the film-going public to poke fun at his native England, Archibald changed his accent to that of Daffy Duck. Couch and others managed to convince him to pursue a career in comedy.

His debut in Life With Feathers brought the house down and gave him a great deal of critical acclaim. "No one could portray quiet frustration like Sylvester," said one critic. The only dissenting voice was that of Daffy himself. "Boy, the spit would fly between him and Daffy," said one of his early colleagues. "You never heard so many Thufferin' Thuccotashes and You're Dithpicables as when they got together."

Contrary to popular belief, He and Tweety were close friends although their wives never got on well together.

After clearing his conscience, he died in the manner that any cartoon cat would envy. Apparently, family and friends say that just as he died, he went stiff as a board, his toes curled up, and the letters "R.I.P." were clearly visible in both eyes.

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