Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Airliner Zapped with Shrink Ray over Area 51

A top secret experiment went terrifyingly wrong yesterday when an A330 airliner was accidentally hit by a classified "Field Energy Device" over Area 51. The airliner was shrunk to a one-hundredth of its original length. In this video, we see the happy outcome when the captain managed to land his airliner in an abandoned parking lot. 

Tricky Landing

Captain G. Willikers was almost paralyzed with surprise when it happened.

"Everything around us suddenly became huge. We lost communication because our signal was too weak," said Willikers.

The quick-thinking pilot diverted the plane from its flight to McCarran International, Las Vegas. "I couldn't take the risk of them not seeing me visually or even with radar. Plus, any wake-turbulence might have flipped us over."

He decided to put his aircraft down on a clear piece of concrete as soon as possible. The Airbus performed a missed approach but managed to land successfully on the second attempt. "Remember, I had no ILS (Instrument Landing System) available to me, and all the visual cues were wrong. People looked like skyscrapers," he said.

A spokesperson for the top secret facility in Nevada, Mr. I. Manalien said, "Of course we cannot go into details, but we believe the effects should wear off in a few days and the passengers along with the aircraft should revert to their normal size."

The Airbus is being relocated quickly to a hanger at a nearby airport. The crew and passengers are staying, for the moment, in a local schoolgirl's dolls house.

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