Thursday, December 3, 2015

Star Trek Criticized Yet Again

A Varied Group of Klingons

Star Trek skeptic P. R. Snickerty is at it again. His latest book Klingons Could Never Form a Civilization has created uproar among Trekologists. Mr Snickerty, who has a killjoy rating of 9 out of 10 with my colleagues and myself, claims that his book is "well researched".

He says in his book, "The aggressive nature of the Klingon personality would produce a society that viewed a club as high technology. They would never stop killing one another long enough even to develop language, let alone bother to communicate ideas with each other. The Klingon concept of 'Honor' involves elevating themselves by killing a superior. This is not good for social cohesion."

He says, "That is one of the problems you get when you do not have the imagination to create a civilization of diverse personalities. Each Klingon has the same personality as every other Klingon, just as every Romulan has the same pudding bowl haircut."

He couldn't imagine anyone in this warrior race filling the occupations vital for a modern civilization. "Where is the Klingon garbage collector coming from, or the Klingon interior decorator for that matter?"

Of course, the devastating reply to Mr Snickerty is that Warf was different from other Klingons. So with that I say, "Qapla!".

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