Monday, September 14, 2015

BBC Unleashes New Antique Programs

Two new BBC shows: Antiques Under the Hammer and Antiques hit the road are being aired on TV this week. A BBC spokesperson said to me that there seems to be a great hunger for more antiques programming, and that it is up to the Beeb to satisfy that desire.

When I queried that statement, and pointed out that no other TV channel bothers with programs about antiques, he seemed upset.

He replied, “How could they compete with us when we have practically every antiques dealer in Britain working for us?”

I.T.CH. Or the Independent Television Channels organisation are bemused with the BBC's obsession with antiques. Their Chief Executive told me that there are many other types of cheap TV that the BBC could produce, more game shows, for example.

On the criticism of antique overload, the BBC's spokesperson said, “These programs are completely different from each other: Cash in the Attic is for people who want to sell their antiques for cash. Flog it is for people with only one antique to sell for cash. Bargain Hunt is to show that normal people cannot price antiques, and usually end up losing cash. Antiques Roadshow is for posh people to show off their antiques that they wouldn't dream of selling for cash."

Finally, he gave me a list of the coming season of antique shows:

The Antique Factor

Meet the Antiquarians

Ant and Dec's Antiques and Decorative Objects

Britain's Got Antiques

I'm an Antiques Dealer, Get Me Out of Here!

For a list of upcoming BBC antique programming, go to 

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