Sunday, September 27, 2015

Taste as Well as Morality Found in Babies

Child psychologists are astounded at new discoveries involving the minds of babies. In 2013, researchers realized that babies could understand the moral issues involved in puppet shows. Now there is strong evidence to show that they can discern cringe-worthiness, stupidity, lameness, overkill, manipulation and other traits of popular TV shows.

One experiment involved subjecting a random group of babies to four hours of X Factor. When they were given an opportunity to hold a Simon Cowell doll, every baby slammed the doll's head into the table as hard as it possibly could.

Psychologists believe that this inborn protection is weaned out of children by constant exposure to mindless TV. One professor of child development said, "It is much like the way we build up immunity to a disease by exposure to it over many years."

Child protection agencies have voiced concern over these experiments. A spokesperson said, "When we viewed the experiments, it became obvious to us that the babies were in terrible distress. Many were turning their heads away and squirming in their seats."

New TV guidelines call for a minimization of dangerous exposure to these types of programs for babies and normal people.

A Poor Pint Sized Guinea pig

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