Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comedic Genius Dies Laughing

Bruce "Funny Britches" Maverick was found dead last night still clutching the Dictaphone that recorded his last words. This legendary spoof writer will leave a gaping hole in the fabric of laughter.

The police Coroner stated that "Funny Britches" was probably trapped inside an hilarity feedback loop. A Joke-Disposal team is currently making his Dictaphone safe. His comedy writing was often dangerous enough to prove fatal.

He always said that he wanted someone who would not be funny to write his obituary. He left instructions that I, as one of his close friends, should write it. I ask you, dear reader, not to laugh when reading his story.

In 1956 "Funny Britches" was born into a travelling circus. His mother was a bearded lady; his father, an acrobat. He ran away from the circus at the age of twelve to lead a normal life. He learned the art of being "Economical" with the truth by writing TV adverts.

In his twenties he discovered that he had a talent for comedy. The book - Why Greed is Good, and Gluttony is even Better - catapulted him to stardom in the Eighties. Private Sigh and Glad Magazine pleaded with him to write for them, but he refused. He would not write for the "Man" as he put it.

Bruce "Funny Britches" Maverick will be fondly remembered. He is survived by his mother who resides in a care home for the terminally hirsute.

In memory of "Funny Britches", please do not leave a comment on this post. Thank you.

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